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About us

QUALITY FOR INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS is a Sudanese company  estab- lished in  2009. We are prepared to undertake and accomplish jobs rang- ing from simple construction projects to turnkey projects (with complex design  and  constructability). The company  has  extensive exposure in the field of design & construction of buildings of all types, construction of roads  & bridges,  water  & sewage work, electrical  works, industrial plants,  power  plants,  high quality  finishing  as  well as  providing inte- grated  services for clients in relation to real estate development.

QUALITY is continuously growing and registering successfully delivered projects  to its credit.

As we are in the direction of continuous growth, we keep sharp vigil and updated information to provide high quality of work with prime focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission  is to make  QUALITY a trusted name  by achieving the  satisfaction of customers across  the  globe by continued improvement in planning and management techniques.

We are very prompt  in replying to all enquiries and will appreciate your gesture of confidence by giving us an opportunity to serve you.

We hold integrity  as  our highest value. This standard permeated our business and  affects everything  we do. We do believe  that honesty, trustworthiness and  reliability are  our  first  responsibility to  all with whom we deal.


QUALITY offers  comprehensive services  in the  field of design, built and construction supervision for a wide range  of turn-key building projects. The company  has  achieved  experience  in the  execution  of civil and  in- dustrial  buildings, maintenance and  repair  of facilities as the  company is capable  of handling  in time  and  within  the  budget,  as  per technical specification and requirements the following activities:

  • Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Cost estimates.
  • Material specifications and alternatives identification.
  • Buildings architectural design, structural design and MEP solutions.
  • Interior design and decoration.
  • Rehabilitation of buildings and services.
  • General civil works and finishing for industrial and domestic use.
  • Well sinking and elevated water tanks.
  • Small earth  dams, concrete dams  and rock fill dams.
  • Installation of water  supply system for domestic and industrial use.
  • Supply of construction materials (local and imported) for general build- ing construction.
  • Supply and installation of pre-fabricated buildings.
  • Construction of sanitation facilities.
  • We have undertaken execution of many small residential buildings to large projects, as well as public services projects.
  • We have also  successfully accomplished rehabilitation work  for a number of residential buildings, office buildings, which included reputable institutions and organizations.
  • The company has  the  sufficient  capital, efficient  management sys- tem and a high performance, reflected by the highly qualified and pro- ficient Engineers, Architects and administrators supported by a wide range  of adequate construction facilities and  skilled labors, allowed us  to widen  the  scope  of the  Construction and  rehabilitation work which we can execute.  From complex reinforced  concrete structures, to finest quality finishing’s, using the best  quality of local or imported materials.
  • Understanding the common defects of existing buildings in the coun- try we can provide professional advice in problem solving techniques, and proceed with its execution  to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Last but not least, accomplishing the  job safely  by eliminating  haz- ards, associated with construction contracts, by providing induction training and the required personnel protective equipment for laborers and restricting public access to construction sites.


QUALITY implements efficient and  effective  construction management sys- tems in order to deliver projects  with reasonable cost, high quality and within time line.


Client satisfaction is the main objective to be met.

We extremely  support our belief that teamwork spurs creativity, collabora- tion, solidarity, future  and understanding of people that we deal with needs. Our employees are committed to working for admiring our clients and to cre- ate  the  highest level of added  value.  Knowledge, communities and  special groups with our company enable teamwork to be the toughest in the country of engineering.

Teamwork, knowledge  and loyalty are at the  center  of who we are. Since its establishment QUALITY has been focusing on leveraging these assets to find out solution that convince and admire the companies and the individuals that we deal with.

Through employee  training and well motivation,  we can guarantee to provide our clients with the best  quality and suitable projects  duration.

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